TOPIC Aly Talibab
Four political songs of 2016: A time for maturity?
Adel Abdel Wahab | It’s as if 2016 gave birth to a responsibility to comment artistically on the inspiring events of 2011.
The stories of sound
Lina Attalah | As with other realms of expression, the story of sound in Egypt is also one of dispute over who controls
Band of the week: Aly Talibab and El Manzouma
Maha ElNabawi | The stage lights turn from blue to red as a fog machine engulfs singer Aly Talibab and his band El Manzouma
Intelligent techno finds a low-key home in Heliopolis
Maha ElNabawi | Around 30 bodies lie on cushions quietly chit-chatting in a dark room. A projection of morphing geometric