TOPIC Ali Abdel Aal
Sisi seems to reverse position on local council elections, speaker blames ‘deep state’ for delay of bill in Parliament
The delay may point to a power struggle between security and intelligence agencies, sources say.
A presidential directive to freeze Parliament
New parliamentary formation to be engineered by the National Security Agency
‘The hall is not with you’: Speaker Abdel Aal battles internal opposition on multiple fronts
Amina Hussein and Rana Mamdouh | Egypt’s domineering speaker of parliament is facing stiff internal opposition on multiple fronts
‘External pressure’ on Parliament prevents removal of convicted MPs, blocks implementation of corruption verdicts
Sources state that external pressure is the cause of the many delays to revoke MPs memberships
LE7 million price tag for Egyptian citizenship
Mostafa Mohie and Rania al-Abd | What are the requirements and criteria for Egyptian citizenship and how do they compare globally?
Regulators without regulations
Rana Mamdouh | Despite the formation of three new media regulatory bodies, their roles remain legally unregulated
What has happened to the NGO law?
Rana Mamdouh | The deadline has elapsed for the president to respond to Parliament's NGO law, and there are suspicions
Questions loom over committee tasked with reviewing government program
Beesan Kassab | A 50-member committee formed by Parliamentary Speaker Ali Abdel Aal to review the government program
The little bureaucracies behind lawmaking
Dalia Rabie | Although Ali Abdel Aal was arguably the expected winner of the post of parliamentary speaker, his election
Parliament speaker warns against MP attendance to Israel’s national day celebrations
Parliament refers critical journalist Ibrahim Eissa to prosecution, speaker comes under fire for comments
Minister: Parliament has not sent NGO law to presidency for approval
Nubians pessimistic following meeting with government officials
MP resigns amid parliamentary spat over foreign trip
Parliamentary speaker warns MPs to stay mum on monetary policies
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