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TOPIC Alexandria
Nassim el-Raqs: A dance of mythical creatures on Alexandria’s streets
Randa Ali | Dance festival Nassim el-Raqs is one of Egypt's few remaining contemporary public space art events
Four scenes of the Egyptian revolution in Alexandria: A microhistory of January 25
Youssef El Chazli | How a series of contingencies walked us to the revolution
Sunken Cities: The lure of underwater worlds and a critique of a blockbuster exhibition
Chitra Sangtani | On a British Museum show and the natural movement of objects toward greater value.
New housing project in Alexandria impresses residents, but estranges them too
Heba Afify | On the recently built Bashayer al-Kheir (Good Omens) project, which President Sisi inaugurated last week.
On El Cabina’s exit from the Alexandrian art scene: A new beginning for Gudran
Rowan El Shimi | Visiting El Cabina for the first time in 2012 marked the beginning of my love affair with Alexandria.
On the life of the late Robert Mabro (1934-2016)
Reem Saad | Alexandria-born academic and leading analyst in the oil sector Robert Mabro died at 81 on the Greek island
Q&A on why Theater is a Must in Alexandria
Rowan El Shimi | Rowan El Shimi investigates why Alexandria's political theater forum might be coming to an end.
2 painters on 2 study trips
Hanaa Safwat | Walking through the Antoniades Garden feels like being a guest inside Mahmoud Khaled’s art practice.
Retrospection as an act of regaining a present
Alexandra Stock | On Mahmoud Khaled's tour of Alexandria and its beginnings in a Cyprus Pavilion at Venice.
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Amro Ali
Alexandria’s church bombing and the deepening of melancholia
Shock and grief in Alexandria after the Palm Sunday church bombing
Nermin Nizar
We came to Alexandria looking for …
The past in these materials is not well-mannered, beautiful or grand, it is rife with racism and classism
Amro Ali
A frightening vision: On plans to rebuild the Alexandria Lighthouse
It's no easy feat to restore the seventh wonder of the ancient world, but then along came modern-day
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Interior Ministry: Police kill 10 militants responsible for attack on Alexandria security director
Disappeared journalist appears before Alexandria prosecution, to be detained for 15 days
Interior Ministry: Security kill 6 Hassm militants responsible for attack on Alexandria security director
Police officer killed, 6 injured in Alexandria bombing near security director’s motorcade
Update: Prosecution detains journalists filming Alexandria tram report for 15 days pending investigations
Trial of detainees arrested outside Alexandria courthouse adjourned to January 9
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Andeel | Man: "Hey captain, what are you doing!?"