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On El Cabina’s exit from the Alexandrian art scene: A new beginning for Gudran
Rowan El Shimi | Visiting El Cabina for the first time in 2012 marked the beginning of my love affair with Alexandria.
How to become an independent musician?
Ahmed Naji | Ahmed Naji gives us six tips. Reading time: Four minutes.
C​lap​ping​ along with everyone else​: ​A short play about a dance meeting​
Lara El Gibaly | We are offered plenty of themes to choose from. But there’s one particularly disputed premise: What
My pragmatist friend surrenders
Shady Lewis | Close to Tahrir Square, at Takayeeba café, an independent artist friend of mine and a theater director
Without formality: Mawred’s 10th birthday celebrates collaboration
Laura Cugusi | Ten years after its foundation, Al Mawred Al Thaqafy culture resource has been celebrating its anniversary
Cinephilia: A one-woman attempt to improve the region’s screenwriting
Amany Ali Shawky | Darine Hotait moves to a small table in the corner of the room, reaches for her “magic box” and takes
Learning to walk after crawling
Ahmed Naji | Who holds alternative cultural institutions accountable for their choices, expenditures or agendas?
In response to Rami Abadir: On independent music, too
Charles Akl | After reading Rami Abadir’s “The contradictions of independent music,” I wanted to offer two alternative
The contradictions of independent music
Rami Abadir | The beginning of the new millennium saw the emergence of the term “independent music” in Egyptian
Culture, the state, and the culture of the state
I thought it appropriate to start this article with an excerpt from a poem by the famous Palestinian
Genaina Theater returns, operating as private company