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How Al-Azhar’s grand imam survived the constitutional amendments
Asmahan Soliman | A proposed constitutional article would have featured a less independent Al-Azhar
‘Egypt is not Tunisia’ when it comes to women’s rights
Mai Shams El-Din | Amid celebration in Tunisia over securing women’s rights, Al-Azhar strikes a different chord
Fatwa on the go
Karoline Kamel | A Mada Masr journalist experiments with seeking a fatwa from newly-set kiosk in a metro station
Video | On the arrest campaign targeting members of Egypt’s Uyghur community
Mostafa Darwish | Dozens of members of Egypt's Uyghur community arrested as part of a plan to deport them to China
Uyghur students arrested in Egypt to be deported after request by China, say colleagues
Osman El Sharnoubi | At least 100 Uyghur students have been arrested and are expected to be deported
Al-Azhar post-June 30: An ongoing dispute interrupted by a brief alliance
Mai Shams El-Din | Four years after June 30, 2013 tensions between Al-Azhar and the executive authority rise to the surface
Overpopulation, religion and fatwas on demand in Egypt
Karoline Kamel | Blaming overpopulation for the economic crisis, the state awkwardly courts the support of religious institutions
Government continues attempts to extend control over mosques
Osman El Sharnoubi | The ministry claims a new decree will protect mosques from 'infiltration'
Proving paternity: A prolonged struggle for thousands of Egyptian mothers
Mai Shams El-Din | For mothers who choose to file paternity lawsuits, proceedings can take years
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Sahar Mandour
Verbal divorce: A man-to-man fight in the ‘year of women’
At the center of the 'year of women' is the relationship between men
Tarek Ghanem
Al-Azhar and the dinosaurs
“Sheikhs issue religious edicts for the price of two chickens. They are no more than stooges of backwardness,
Cleric suspended for making inflammatory remarks about Christians on air
Preacher Islam Beheiry’s 1-year sentence upheld for insulting Islam
Preacher Islam al-Beheiry’s prison sentence widely condemned
Preacher Islam al-Beheiry sentenced to one year for insulting Islam
Al-Azhar, NCW and Arab Lawyers condemn Amnesty call to decriminalize sex work
New secular party to ‘challenge religious dominance’
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