TOPIC Ahmed Naji
From constitution to law: The legalities of making art in Egypt
Lara El Gibaly | Who gets to decide what counts as art?
All That Rubbish: Ezzedine Choukri Fishere’s second brutal revolution novel is a triumph
Sherif Abdel Samad | Exit Door conveyed an optimistic view of the future, but All That Rubbish is much more sober
Naguib Mahfouz, the man we all wronged
Mohamed Rabie | The state just announced its secret view of "Egypt's fourth pyramid."
Members of Parliament go against Constitution to preserve ‘public decency’
Beesan Kassab | On Monday Parliament voted against amending the Penal Code's provisions regarding indecency, retaining
1st lesson learned from Ahmed Naji’s jailing: Individuality
Nael El Toukhy | Many hated Naji because individuality is thorny, lonely and uncomfortable, even for those claiming to
Global solidarity readings for Ahmed Naji to increase pressure on Egypt
Jenifer Evans | "Every grain of sand that enters a writer's life potentially becomes part of their writing, and this
In support of Ahmed Naji: A joint statement by Mada Masr, Za2ed18, Qoll and Zahma
This is a translation of a statement initially published last night in Arabic by websites Mada Masr,
An overambitious literary seminar of existential proportions
Sara El Adl | Remembering it feels like remembering a happening that took place in a moment that was uncounted and
The bourgeoisie, real estate & nation-building, or how the Egyptian & Middle Eastern art markets operate, part 2
Ahmed Naji | State financial policies continued to liberalize in the 1990s so as to integrate Egypt into the new world
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Iman Mersal
The police and citizens’ hair
There is no problem in a policeman, as a citizen, having an opinion about the appropriate length of a
Richard Jacquemond
Ahmed Naji, the Use of Life and the zombies
How do you feel when you learn that the author of the novel you’ve been reading and enjoying for the
Ahmed Naji
Farewell to the youth
Editor’s note: The author of this piece was sentenced to two years in prison on February 20, 2016,
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Writer Ahmed Naji prevented from leaving Egypt
Ahmed Naji’s lawyers await details of his acquittal and retrial date
Court suspends sentence against writer Ahmed Naji, release imminent: Lawyer
Court rejects novelist Ahmed Naji’s appeal to suspend 2-year sentence
Lawyers appeal detained novelist Ahmed Naji’s prison sentence
Jailed novelist Ahmed Naji to receive PEN award
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The dignity of society
Andeel | Society: "My dignity!"
Society can’t take it
Andeel | Caption: In solidarity with Ahmed NajiSign: The General Commitee for Censoring EverythingMan in a suit: "Censor all the sex Walid... I can't handle it Walid!"