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How Al-Azhar’s grand imam survived the constitutional amendments
Asmahan Soliman | A proposed constitutional article would have featured a less independent Al-Azhar
Al-Azhar post-June 30: An ongoing dispute interrupted by a brief alliance
Mai Shams El-Din | Four years after June 30, 2013 tensions between Al-Azhar and the executive authority rise to the surface
The cleric and the president: Egypt’s critical power struggle
Mai Shams El-Din | We track the ongoing conflict between President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh Ahmed
Al-Azhar’s power play
Mohamad Salama Adam | Following several steps to tighten its grip on Egypt’s mosques, the Ministry of Endowments has unexpectedly
Despite Al-Azhar’s rejection, imams adhere to ministry-written sermon
Al-Azhar grand imam warns of attempts to spread Shia Islam in Egypt
Voting and preaching: State officials call on youth to vote
2 die in Aswan as warring tribes break truce
Final constitution draft ready by December 3, says committee
Cabinet lauds Interior Ministry’s ‘self-restraint’
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