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Which battle has EXT. Night chosen to fight?
Ahmed Refaat | How does class factor into the cinema industry, and how does it reflect in the resulting films?
Dismantling moral binaries: Ahmad Abdalla’s EXT. Night questions class and gender dynamics in post-2013 Cairo
Nourhan Hesham | EXT. Night is an honest portrayal of a struggling city with insightful commentary on class dynamics
How have films that fictionalized January 25 progressed over 5 years?
Rowan El Shimi | Perhaps this trend reveals that what seemed to us right from the beginning as immediately cinematic –
3 films that anticipated the January 25 revolution
Rowan El Shimi | Looking back at some films that reflected the dissent that was building in the country is revealing.
Ahmad Abdalla’s Decor, and the personal vs. the common
Andeel and Ahmed Refaat | Decor is Ahmad Abdalla’s fourth feature. It’s a black-and-white movie about Maha (Horeya Farghaly)
At the film festival: In frantic search of the sacred
Nahla Osman and Ahmad Abdalla | Ahmad Abdalla with a plea for festival judges to give up idealization and engage with the real-life debates
Two dialogues about the Panorama film festival
Ahmed Refaat | One talk with filmmaker and critic Tarek El Sharkawy, and one with with Swiss artist/curator Andrea Thal.
What musical repression?
MF Kalfat | MF Kalfat takes an in-depth, critical look at Ahmad Abdallah's film Microphone and its treatment of Egyptian
Egypt’s cinematic gems: ‘Microphone’
Mia Jankowicz | Microphone has a deep admiration for creative people, specifically those who build their niches in hostile
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