TOPIC agriculture policy
Battle of the strawberries
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How Egypt’s water feeds the Gulf
Nada Arafat and Saker El Nour | 10 percent of Egypt's Nile water is allocated for Gulf food security
Looking for the root causes of the potato crisis
Hadeer El-Mahdawy and Nada Arafat | While state figures consider the crisis to be resolved, others see the problem as ongoing
Urban gardening could thrive in Egypt, if state stays out of the way
Isabel Esterman | From Berlin to Medellín, Toronto to Dakar, urban gardening is growing in popularity. City dwellers around
Mohamed Ramadan
How the state forced small-scale farmers to grow cement and bricks
How did the failure of Egypt’s development model accelerate building on agricultural lands?
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The ‘genetic modification’ of interest rates in Egypt
How depending on imported GMO seeds has undercut IMF ‘reform’
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Egypt decreases areas for rice cultivation amid fears of water scarcity
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Sisi inaugurates 1st phase of 1.5 million feddan reclamation project
A feddan of favor
Tawfik and Tawfig | *Government confiscates green belt agricultural land..."I farmed four feddans of favor and good deeds,Despite all the fertilizers not a single karat did I harvest,Then the government came with the bulldozer and the shovel..."