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Meals under threat by the ban on live poultry
Karoline Kamel | Critics say the government initiative neglects the needs of poor Egyptian households
Looking for the root causes of the potato crisis
Hadeer El-Mahdawy and Nada Arafat | While state figures consider the crisis to be resolved, others see the problem as ongoing
Egypt’s working poor are facing a silent killer: Bad food
Maddison Sawle | Increasing rates of diabetes & heart disease are an inevitable result of a broken food & health system
Egypt’s wheat policies sow market confusion
Robert Barron | A series of back-and-forth announcements by Egyptian authorities has roiled global wheat markets and,
Can the Administrative Control Authority really fight corruption in Egypt?
Mohamed Hamama | The arrest of Egypt’s agriculture minister, just minutes after he resigned from the Cabinet, was featured
Inconsistent policy changes are putting Egypt’s cotton industry in crisis
Isabel Esterman | Egypt’s cotton industry has been subject to a dizzying series of policy shifts this year, leaving both
In photos: A visit to Cairo’s Flower Show
Jenifer Evans, Andeel and Amir Makar | It was our first-ever visit to the Ministry of Agriculture’s month-long annual Flower Show, which started
Subsidy removal will ‘break the backs of cotton farmers’
Isabel Esterman | The government has eliminated cotton farming subsidies, Agriculture Minister Adel al-Beltagy announced
Cabinet approves organic farming bill
​Temporary workers rally outside Agriculture Ministry, demanding full-time contracts and livable monthly wage
Analysts sceptical of Egypt’s experiments in raising domestic wheat productivity
Escaped leopard kills young girl in Giza
Industrial action roundup: Protesters demand employment, as transport strike organizers remain in detention
Former agriculture minister sentenced to 10 years in jail on corruption charges
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