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Ramadan’s stand-out ads: Time to tone down the chauvinism, Birell
Dalia Rabie | The fake beer brought back its famous misogyny and strayed into homophobia too.
Ramadan TV’s stand-out ads: Etisalat is optimistically classist
Rowan El Shimi | The new advert from Egypt's youngest telecom company is all about optimism, but many find it problematic.
Ramadan TV’s stand-out ads: Hospital ad causes complex controversy
Amany Ali Shawky | A coming together of A-listers, a noble cause and a social media spat has generated this year’s hottest
Companies clash with military over ad rights
Omar Said | Advertising companies have brought a case against the minister of defense in what appears to be the first
7UP borrows Cairo Dish Painting Initiative: Intellectual theft or fair game?
Rowan El Shimi | Paris-based American artist Jason Stoneking spent three months in Cairo at the end of 2014 as a resident
Al-Tahrir crisis: Journalists caught between businessmen and the syndicate
Mohamed Hamama | Between the manoeuvrings of its businessman owner and the Journalists Syndicate, privately owned newspaper
Printing, distributing and advertising: Tools to silence the press
Mai Shams El-Din | Last week was hard on the Egyptian press. Detained photojournalist Mahmoud Abou Zeid (popularly known
Season finale: What I learned as a woman from Ramadan TV
Maha ElNabawi | ​The author steadfastly watched a multitude of television series this Ramadan, so that she could share
It’s sink-or-swim for Egypt’s TV industry
Eric Knecht | As Ramadan draws to a close, viewers are still hotly debating several successful serials that premiered
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Enas El Masry
Can the good life really be bought?
Separating herself from materialism allowed Cairene Enas El Masry to reflect on her lifestyle.
Vodafone Egypt suspends all ads in response to government censorship of TV commercial
Consumer Protection Authority bans Uber ads deemed morally offensive
Government agency suspends ad campaign deemed offensive to women
Al-Ahram Beverages Company referred to prosecution for ad deemed offensive to Armed Forces
US gym chain terminates Cairo contract over body-shaming Facebook posts
Egypt’s Consumer Protection Agency to ban ‘immoral’ Ramadan commercials
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