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Comedy 2000: The Principal wins
Sherif Hassan | Looking back at how Egypt's current trend for young, comic cinema began.
Egypt’s cinematic gems: The Artful
Amany Ali Shawky | An ill-fitting day job, elating football games in the afternoon and occasional one-nighters with a colleague
Sex in Arab cinema
Raseef22 | In 1929, the Ministry of Interior banned Wedad Orfi’s Masat al-Hayah (The Tragedy of Life). The
Why watching soap operas won’t make you rich: A TV history of Egypt
Andeel | This brief history of famous Egyptian soap operas shows that class is something we have always thought
Do you know which Adel Imam movies are adapted from foreign films?
Khaled Barrage | Actor Adel Imam, a rare artistic phenomenon in the Arab world since the mid-1970s, built his stardom
Egypt’s cinematic gems: Shams al-Zanati
Hessen Hossam | A strong and catchy name for a strong and catchy character. A wonderful tribute to Kurosawa
The conscript in Egyptian films: Part 2
Adham Youssef | Having swung from anti-colonial to glamorizing before becoming more complicated due to conflict, conscription
Ramadan TV series play good cop, good cop
Amany Ali Shawky | “From the security director to Ahmed Ibrahim living in Deir al-Nahas district: Do not take the medication
Egypt’s cinematic gems: ‘A Deep Sleep’
Amany Ali Shawky | A Deep Sleep details a strange epidemic of impotency among the men of Cairo and Giza.
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