TOPIC Abdullah al-Shamy
On hunger strikes: A brief background
A growing number of Egyptian prisoners have joined a widespread wave of hunger strikes, including well-known
Starving for justice
Heba Afify | Fatigued by a year of void legal processes and deprivation of basic rights, political prisoners are attempting
A freelance photojournalist forgotten behind prison walls
Mai Shams El-Din | In a scene reminiscent of Hosni Mubarak’s regime, a group of photojournalists sat on the platform of
Sharif Abdel Kouddous
The war on journalists
In Egypt, journalism can now be a form of terrorism. At least that’s what prosecutors are alleging
Prison chief denies presence of hunger strikers in jails
After visit to Tora prison, prosecution says no evidence inmates are mistreated
Rights group slams Egyptian prison healthcare system
National rights council thanks prosecution for prisoner releases
After 10 months detention, hunger striking journalist to be released
Court extends detention of Al Jazeera reporter, 462 others, for 45 days
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