TOPIC 7th CVF FestBeat
FestBeat: Talking about institutions and fluidity at Cairo Video Festival
Nour El Safoury | The openness and flexibility of the festival is appealing, just like other spaces free from ministry
FestBeat: Distracted attention at Cairo Video Festival’s exhibitions
Nour El Safoury | The two exhibitions are well worth a visit, says Nour El Safoury.
FestBeat: Ahmed Shawky’s The Crime premieres at Cairo Video Festival
Nour El Safoury | Ahmed Shawky’s Al-Garima and Omar El Zohairy’s Zafir both struggle with a similar set of questions,
FestBeat: Mark Lotfy’s Do As You Said at the Cairo Video Festival
Nour El Safoury | Words become performative utterances that mold the space and, in the way they are spoken, their tone
FestBeat: The multiformat Cairo Video Festival opens
Nour El Safoury | Religious themes lend themselves nicely to the medium, and Nork Zakarian builds on this idea of ever-present