TOPIC 2015 parliamentary elections
A presidential directive to freeze Parliament
New parliamentary formation to be engineered by the National Security Agency
A disintegrating coalition: Rifts re-emerge after Dostour Party’s default leadership election
Mai Shams El-Din | Rifts have re-emerged within the Dostour Party days after the default election of Khaled Dawoud as party
Anatomy of an election
Hossam Bahgat | "For the Love of Egypt … was born in this meeting. Yes, inside the Egyptian General Intelligence Agency.
A year of cracks in the love apparatus
Lina Attalah | In 2014, this was Andeel’s reflection on the state of the people in the wake of the military’s grip
A year of Sisi’s highs and lows
Passant Rabie | We have seen the many faces of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi throughout the year, from absolute glee
The impossible parliamentary alliance
Mai Shams El-Din | The newly-elected parliament, which is due to convene soon, is still in a state of flux, with various
Elections commission: There have been lower turnouts
Voter turnout for the first phase of Egypt’s parliamentary elections amounted to 26 percent for the
What will the new parliament do with Sisi’s laws?
Mohamed Hamama | With Egypt’s long-awaited parliament due to convene early next year, the fate of the laws issued by
After staggering defeat, is it lights out for the Nour Party?
Ahmed Badrawy | “God willing, the Nour Party from the first round!” the Salafi party’s supporters chanted during
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Khaled Mansour
The new parliament’s heavy legislative inheritance
Egypt will have a new parliament this month. This council, absent for over three years after the Constitutional
Aly El Raggal
The general wants to do away with politics
“Create a unified list,” is what General* Sisi asked of the political forces competing in the upcoming
Hazem Abdel Azeem faces backlash following controversial testimonial on parliament
Maverick media figure Tawfiq Okasha to give up parliamentary seat, leave the country
Low turnout for re-run of parliamentary elections in 4 areas
Early results show independents seize unprecedented power in new parliament
Low turnout on last day of parliamentary elections, reports of violations
Insurance companies to pay out LE4 million to families of dead judges
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Elections without voters
Sabry Eltawil
Elected death
Sabry Eltawil | *Elections*Man: "Well, at least it died peacefully." 
Cartoon: A moment of confusion
Andeel | Sisi: "I'm dreaming of a parliament that reflects what I think the will of Egyptians is, not what Egyptians think their will is."Person: "You mean, what Egyptians think their will is?"Sisi: "No, what I think."Person: "Oh, ok."