TOPIC 2014 year enders
A year of memorable statements
Pesha Magid | The year 2014 wasn’t short of provocative statements from public figures that captured Egypt’s collective
A brighter-than-expected alphabet of culture for 2014
Not as depressing as the year at large.
Things you don’t want to be caught doing in 2015
Heba Afify | In the absence of a parliament, former President Adly Mansour and current President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi
A year in culture writing
Mada’s culture section found its feet in 2014, developing into a more daring, experimental platform
A year in figures
Isabel Esterman | 2014 brought many changes to Egypt’s political, economic and social landscape. Among the many numbers
A year in review
This is the second round of a year folding and a new one beginning for Mada Masr’s team. As we did
A year of things that never happened
Amira Salah-Ahmed | Besides a number of fake news items and actual dramatic events, in 2014 there were important headlines
A year of comebacks and retreat
Passant Rabie | With the onset of a new regime, a new government, jail sentences and dropped charges, and preparations
A year at the courts
Dalia Rabie | This year was a year of court battles. The rule by law of the security apparatus, prosecution and
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Passant Rabie
A year of the Mada Digest and local press
If you were diligent enough to follow the local press closely last year, it was bound to have an