TOPIC 2013 Constitution
Objections and abstentions in new draft constitution
  By Saturday evening, the 50-member committee tasked with amending the constitution, finalized
The new draft constitution
The 50-member committee tasked with writing the constitution released on Friday a draft of its amendments
Adel Ramadan
Military judiciary trumps all justice
Did you know that according to current Egyptian laws, particularly the Code of Military Justice, the
Farida Makar
Education with a higher goal?
The season to analyze and dissect constitutional drafts has descended upon us once again. Much like last
Former mufti leads campaign to support constitution
Rights group says new constitution is below expectation
President, prime minister endorse constitution
Strong Egypt Party calls for constitution ‘no’
Beblawi expects referendum in mid-January
Campaigns urge vote on constitution, though draft still not finished
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