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Copts post-June 30: Can Sisi bank on continued Coptic support?
Karoline Kamel | On the fourth anniversary of June 30 we reassess Coptic communities and churches' support for Sisi
Copt returning to Arish killed as displaced families continue to suffer
Mostafa Mohie | A Coptic citizen was shot dead by militants in his barber shop in Arish on Saturday, after returning
This is how they saw the moulid — photo story
Seven photojournalists from Cairo went to the Virgin Mary moulid in Assiut — a mixture of Egyptians,
Amr Magdi
To US VP Pence: Defend the rights of Christians and all Egyptians
Pence must see discrimination within a broader context of the limiting of citizens’ rights
British, German diplomats downplay speculation that Cairo flight suspensions politically motivated
Man in Sharqiya sentenced to 2 years prison for propagating Shia teachings
Coptic sectarian violence victims flee Minya and demand justice in front of Parliament