Tolerance only allows certain citizens to sleep
Amr Abdel Rahman and Dalia Abdel Hameed | Citizenship, homophobia and the failure of tolerance
When home is another cell: Women’s accounts of domestic detention
Shaimaa Tantawi | Accounts of how women are treated in private spaces reveal systematic abuse
Video | ‘Hey darkie!’
Solafa Sallam | On the racism, harassment and sexual violence that Sudanese women face in Egypt
Images from Abbasseya Hospital raise concerns about maltreatment and patient privacy
Omar Said | As the Health Ministry suspends the hospital manager, staff refute claims of maltreatment
The bishop who makes his voice heard: Anba Makarios
Karoline Kamel | Outspoken Minya Bishop Anba Makarios is a man who makes his voice heard but avoids being seen
Al-Ur: The pain that fills the void left behind by 13 Copts executed in Libya
Karoline Kamel | Al-Ur mothers and wives continue to mourn their dead 3 years after they were executed in Libya
Abortion tales: Women’s work
Ghadeer Ahmed | 'A mother is my job. This is what I do, what I don’t like to do. This is what I am.'
Video | Big Brother: Praise be to God
Andeel | The 12th episode of Big Brother, "Praise be to God"
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