Video | Soulful design
Mostafa Mostafa Mohamed | Mahmoud Mostafa followed his heart and concentrated instead on Arabic calligraphy.
Video of ICU deaths shines spotlight on struggling healthcare system amid coronavirus surge
Rana Mamdouh | A number of government officials claimed in the media that he had fabricated the video.
Video | From a ball of yarn
Reham Ghareeb | Moamen Awaad is one of the few men in Alexandria who's hooked on crochet.
Detox | A tuk tuk ride through the world of anthropology
Mostafa Mohie | We chat with anthropologist Mai Amer, the creator of a new show called Tuk Tuk.
Going it alone: Schools, teachers, families struggle with second COVID-19 wave
Hadeer El-Mahdawy and Nada Arafat | "We are being sacrificed, and if we talk, we get crushed. Schools must be suspended"
How do institutions respond to sexual violence?
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | “I can make it impossible for you to work anywhere, I can make it so you won’t be able to sleep.”
When bridges fail: Alexandria’s Mahmoudiya Axis leaves pedestrians in a bind
Nada Gamal | "Personally, the only ‘development’ I feel is having to carry my son every time we cross the road"
Video | Labor of love
Menem Sami | Manar inherited her father's Qalyub marble workshop and decided to run it with her sister and mother
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