Infographic: What are the things you look for in a school?
What do parents from different income brackets across the country value in a school?
The everyday practices of surviving mental health ableism
Pam Labib | The first in our series on mental health
Neither pathologization nor romanticization: A series
The first in a series on mental health to mark World Mental Health Day
Students strike out at universities as new campus dress codes imposed
Mai Shams El-Din | Students on Egypt’s public university campuses are now subject to new dress codes that prohibit a range
Emergency and the taming of the mulid
Mina Ibrahim | Is restructuring the mulid a reflection of security concerns, or part of a long-term plan to tame it?
Copts in Egyptian history textbooks (Part 2): Issues today and hidden gems from earlier textbooks
Ehaab Abdou | Before delving into a wider analysis of Egypt’s high school history textbooks, it is important to acknowledge
Abortion tales
Ghadeer Ahmed | Mada gathers stories of women’s experiences of abortion in Egypt
Abortion tales: 4 days somewhere else
Ghadeer Ahmed | The first in Mada's series recounting women’s experiences of abortion in Egypt
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