Italian officials: Intransigence in Regeni investigation, deteriorating rights situation may hinder Egypt-Italy military, economic cooperation
Rome prosecutors may make the investigation public if Egypt does not cooperate, the sources say
Detained EIPR head held in ‘inhumane and degrading’ prison conditions
Abdel Razek said he has been held in solitary confinement since he arrived at Tora on Friday morning
Jailed Fairmont witness in danger, family and lawyer say, as remand detention drags on
Prosecutors renewed Karim’s remand detention for 45 days on Saturday.
International condemnation of EIPR arrests continues to pour in
The escalated crackdown on EIPR began last week with the arrest of its administrative manager.
Crackdown on EIPR escalates with arrest of criminal justice director
Ennarah's arrest comes three days after EIPR's administrative manager was also arrested.
Video | Reconstructing the Beirut explosion
Forensic Architecture | A detailed 3D model and timeline of the August 4 blast based on spatial and architectural analysis
EIPR: Staffer’s arrest a direct response to meeting with diplomats
Basheer ordered detained for 15 days pending investigation on charges of joining a terrorist group.
Coptic man kidnapped in Bir al-Abd | Military arms civilians for security in 4 villages previously occupied by Province of Sinai
Schools have remained closed, and there are no official statements about the fate of the school year
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