Legal limbo: Media council again extends deadline for outlets to legalize status
For the time being, we remain in legal limbo.
Sinai Bulletin | Revenge killings against Maghara and Mangam Youth Union sign of shift in militant operations to central Sinai? 40,000 families threatened by Arish Port development
Arish residents fear their houses may be being marked for demolition to expand the Arish port.
Cairo Eye: Will the great wheel of history keep turning?
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | “It is as if Cairo as a whole now is just a place under a bridge. Cairo’s levers are disintegrating"
9 senior figures dismissed from Wafd Party in purge of opposition faction
Ousted member Abd Elaleem Dawood called the move “baseless” and “an act of political thuggery”
Form 10: Climbing the bureaucratic ladder to legalize homes in Egypt’s countryside
Mohamed Tarek | A 2019 law requires citizens to pay fines to reconcile with the state over building violations.
Q&A | Architect Ahmed Mansour on how one-size-fits-all urban planning, overpasses threaten Sayeda Aisha neighborhood’s history and organic structure
Mostafa Mohie | Areas of historic Cairo are again being cleared to make way for overpass expressways.
Amid human rights and foreign policy concerns, Egypt scrambling to reinforce US ties under Biden
Ehsan Salah and Sharif Abdel Kouddous | Foreign Ministry officials prepared a series of proposals intended to maintain the relationship.
Without money for national vaccine campaign, Egypt turns to Tahya Masr Fund, private sector partnerships, voluntary vaccination
Beesan Kassab | Egypt kicked off its vaccination campaign with a live television broadcast of a nurse and a doctor from
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