Tips from the leisure desk: Courses to take up in Cairo
Tanya El Kashef | Learning something new can bring about a bit of freshness to your daily routine
Mada’s Iftar recipes
Mada’s Iftar recipes from local chefs use seasonal vegetables and are good for the health after a day
Tips from the leisure desk: 5 ways to get the best of out of Ramadan
Tanya El Kashef | 1 month may not enough time to break a bad habit, but it’s enough time to make a start
Tips from the leisure desk: 5 top budget trips
Tanya El Kashef | Trips to shake up a stagnant mind and routine that won’t interfere with paying rent
Tips from the leisure desk: 5 ways to get an adrenaline rush in Egypt
Tanya El Kashef | Egypt has plenty to offer in terms of adrenaline rushing, heart-racing, blood pumping activities
Beats ‘n’ Eats: 7 recipes and 7 songs
Yomna Osman | Eish & Malh and Purplpitch kindly agreed to lend us recipes and songs to go with them
Easter Fesikh and Renga Food Tasting Challenge
Eman Elba | Finding the best stinky fish in Cairo
Pesticide-free vegetables to your door: the top 5 in Cairo
Maddison Sawle | If you live in Cairo and want organic, local produce delivered, there are options
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