Video | Ramadan’s Here: Hosted by al-Mazaynah
Mahmoud Nasr | We follow Ahmed a member of the al-Mazaynah tribe as he joins the community iftar in South Sinai
Restorative yoga for fasting: Energizing and calming sequences
Nadia El-Dasher | Yoga instructor Nadia al-Dasher shares two basic yoga sequences, ideal for first-timers
Tips from the leisure desk: 5 things you missed out on as a kid
Tanya El Kashef | A list of 5 things you can do as an adult that you might wish you’d done more of as a kid
Tips from the leisure desk: 5 day trips to escape Cairo this fall
Tanya El Kashef | Here is a list of ways to escape the city, ideal for the cooler weather and to counteract a sluggish
Video | Three stations
Osman El Sharnoubi | Mada Masr looks at 3 different metro stations in 3 different stages
Tips from the leisure desk: Courses to take up in Cairo
Tanya El Kashef | Learning something new can bring about a bit of freshness to your daily routine
Mada’s Iftar recipes
Mada’s Iftar recipes from local chefs use seasonal vegetables and are good for the health after a day
Tips from the leisure desk: 5 ways to get the best of out of Ramadan
Tanya El Kashef | 1 month may not enough time to break a bad habit, but it’s enough time to make a start
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