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Do economic indicators reflect reality for most Egyptians?
Michel Assaad | Growth amid inequality and corruption only ever benefits a limited number of people
How to make LE89 bn in fuel subsidies disappear: Egyptians brace for steep price hikes
Waad Ahmed | What will it mean for Egypt to try to meet the 2019 deadline for liberalizing fuel prices?
Video | How the state supports the rich through its taxation system
Mohamed Sultan | Mohamed Sultan looks at who is making the most significant contributions to tax revenues
Escaping the poverty cycle? 3 years of Takaful and Karama
Waad Ahmed | Inflation, limited payout increases and an impeded rollout have marked government subsidy programs
The ups and downs of Egypt’s interest rates: What does the central bank want?
Osman El Sharnoubi | Osman El Sharnoubi speaks to economists and experts to evaluate the CBE's interest rate policy
Sisi’s balance sheet
Osman El Sharnoubi | Mada Masr breaks down macroeconomic indicators of Sisi's first term in office using government data
Video | ‘Your only insurance is your daily wage’
Solafa Salam speaks to craftspersons on the pressures of their professions
Video | On raising train fares: ‘If the service will improve … then OK’
Mostafa Darwish | Mostafa Darwish captures the reactions of train users to upcoming price hikes
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