Explainer: Too much steel? What are the market conditions behind the decision to liquidate Egyptian Iron and Steel
Beesan Kassab | What's behind the discrepancy between the “hunger” for imports and the “glut” of production? 
Treasure hunters in the desert: A conversation with Saker El Nour on land grabs in reclamation projects and agricultural power dynamics
Yara Ahmed | The land grabbing creates a roller coaster of contradictory relations between supply and demand
Public sector giant Egyptian Iron and Steel Company to be liquidated despite opposition
Monday's decision has already faced substantial pushback.
Ridesharing: A short honeymoon meets a sobering reality
Omaima Ismail | Uber has slashed and canceled incentive programs for drivers as well as offers to customers.
How the state forced small-scale farmers to grow cement and bricks
Mohamed Ramadan | How did the failure of Egypt’s development model accelerate building on agricultural lands?
Infographic: Egypt’s labor market dominated by ‘severe disparities,’ CAPMAS study says
The report highlights disparities in gender participation and legal protections for workers
Entering the gated compound game: A look at the plan to develop a new Heliopolis Company for Housing and Development
Beesan Kassab | The firm has relied on selling its precious land stock to make revenues in recent years
New IMF loan agreement — round 2, but without austerity measures
Beesan Kassab | The IMF wants "structural reforms and legislation that aim to reshape the economy on a deeper level"
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