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Navigating the surreal through sound
Maha ElNabawi | 2017 in music releases from Cairo and beyond
A conflict of urban imaginaries: Ahmed Mater explores a brutally changing city in Mecca Journeys
Dan Jakubowski | Mecca Journeys captures the the marked dichotomies of Mecca’s recent explosive growth
Egypt’s cinematic gems: The Night They Arrested Fatima
Hessen Hossam | Hessen Hossam reflects on Henry Barakat’s The Night They Arrested Fatima, 1984
Plan(s) for Greater Baghdad: How hidden stories shape iconic cities
Mai Elwakil | Mai Elwakil interviews Ala Younis on her feminist exhibition about Le Corbusier’s Baghdad gymnasium
On poignant politics and precarious monuments
Ismail Fayed | A review of Mahmoud Khaled’s new exhibition, A New Commission for an Old State
That feverish leap into Arab modernism
Sara Elkamel | An Art Dubai exhibition shows how modernism manifested in the Arab world
The vicious circles of love and cruelty in Poisonous Roses
Fatma Amer | Fatma Amer reviews Ahmed Fawzi Saleh's Poisonous Roses
Before I forget: How film can temporarily reorder our relationship with reality
Ali Atef | Mariam Mekiwi’s new film hinges on a sci-fi genre and makes us bounce between its own world and ours
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