Video | The Letter You Sent
"The letter you sent" previously won the Jury Award at the Masr Dot Bokra Film Festival in October.
Detox | An ode to the delivery worker
On curfew nights, only the roar of delivery motorcycles and the barking of dogs pierced the silence.
Detox | The final puff
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | I decided to quit, with the hope that I would continue to be kick-ass even without cigarettes.
In Other Words | The Beauty of the World and the Truth of All Things by Rehab Bassam
Rehab Bassam | Bassam’s fiction speaks for a generation of women that seems to have no voice in publishing.
Detox | A tuk tuk ride through the world of anthropology
Mostafa Mohie | We chat with anthropologist Mai Amer, the creator of a new show called Tuk Tuk.
Detox | An eight-step guide to leaving Cairo
Omar Mustafa | It’s been years since I could see myself living in Cairo.
Video | Without a past, there is no present
Rowan El Shimi | Hussein al-Azaat takes us on a tour of his collection of rare books, comics, prints, stamps, posters
Detox | In remembrance
We also have a playlist of songs written by the late poet and lyricist Mido Zoheir
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