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Archive: The art of hoarding at the end of the world
Hani Sami | On the place of the archive and role of the artist at the end of the world
52 questions about the archive
Ali Atef, Leila Arman, Mariam Elnozahy, Mohammad Shawky Hassan, Nada Hasan, Omnia Sabry | A playfully provocative exploration of archival processes
Who told you history is an open buffet?
Salma Shamel | Salma Shamel discusses the entanglement of bureaucracy and emotion in the process of recordkeeping
Navigating the surreal through sound
Maha ElNabawi | 2017 in music releases from Cairo and beyond
Grasping the messianic moment
Ismail Fayed | A reflection on the 2016 “Mada Encounters” seminar on history and culture
Avant-titre: Wes Anderson: Beyond symmetry
Ahmed Abu al-Fadl | Is his style ingenious, or has it become redundant?
Wael Shawky’s sculptural works bring the bizarre, violent world of his films into the present
Dan Jakubowski | On 3 recent solo exhibitions of Wael Shawky’s work in Germany, Denmark and Italy
Wonder, wander – No. 3: Time spills upward and downward, and all around
Sara Elkamel | Conversations from this year’s Spring Sessions
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