Experimental Summer: Independent film as lamentation of elitist failure
Andeel | The state is at war with independent cinema because it can inspire other forms of independence
A hologram of a dancing sheikh: On Amr Salama’s Sheikh Jackson
Hessen Hossam | By abstaining from taking sides or condemning anyone, Sheikh Jackson stays true to nothing at all
Iraqi-American artist Michael Rakowitz’s diversionary model of history fits our catastrophic moment
Dan Jakubowski | Strange marginal curiosities can help us detect a larger truth like the bending light around a black
Photocopy: A story of evolution, told through Instagram filters
Rowan El Shimi | The film relies on relatable, unconvincing characters, and without a strong structure, feels incomplete
Sheikh Jackson: Yet another film about identity
Ahmed Refaat | To what extent can Sheikh Jackson contribute to a reading of the current film scene in Egypt?
Constructing and echoing social perceptions: Gay characters in Egyptian film
Adham Youssef | How do movie depictions inform how we, both straight and queer Egyptians, see gay people?
Paper, transport and bureaucracy in Egypt: An interview with artist Ash Moniz
Sama Waly | Ash Moniz on his Townhouse solo show “In the Anticipation of a Future Need to Know”
A letter about a nostalgic art tour: A screening and three exhibitions in Cairo
Andeel | You were probably expecting this in a different format, but we’re living in a different time now
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