Detox | Shades of meaning
Yasmine Zohdi | In another version of this story, I would remain waiting at the restaurant and you would be in jail.
Video | A day in the jungle
Nadine Salib | In a day of solitude at home, she follows an intimate story of taking isolation to new extremes
The thin thread between misogyny and emancipation
Ismail Fayed | Faten Hamama gives a rare, realistic portrayal of the frustration experienced by women in Egypt
Detox | Coffee: A process
Nader Saeed | Coffee is not only a drink, it is also a social event, a mental break, and — to some — an art
Detox | Reclaiming the city
Hadeer El-Mahdawy | I decided to give those walks another try. I timidly began to take to the streets again
Detox | The music in the background
I ended my journey among the ruins of the fallen Cassette Kingdom
A new rhythm: Cairo’s arts scene navigates reopening
Nada Nabil | “Our work revolves around the collective experience of watching films in a dark room."
Detox | In the company of four-legged friends
This is definitely not a call for replacing humans with animals
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