Editorial & Marketing Services

  • Quality service

All our services benefit from the Mada expertise, and are delivered through Mada staff or regular contributors.

  • Decently priced

Our goal is to sustain while developing the community. Discounted prices will be available for local SMEs and local NGOs.

  • Proper management

We deal with complex projects with multiple deliverables, deadlines and producers.


Our line of services:


  • Content production:

For text and video: research, concept notes, development materials, analyses, digests and summaries

  • Editing:

Copy editing, video editing

  • Translation:

English to Arabic, Arabic to English

French, Spanish and German depending on availability

  • Video:

Full research and production, script-writing, shooting, editing, transcription, subtitling

  • Design:

Design of marketing and promotional documents, lay-out of all texts and publications, illustrations, infographics

  • Marketing:

Promotional campaigns through the Mada publishing channels (social media, events, website, newsletters, partner network)

Draft / design / edit promotional content (text, video, design)

Consultation and drafting of social media campaigns and marketing plans

Event organization / consultancy


Contact us at [email protected] for any quotation request or if you want more information on our packages and prices.