Dina Wahba
We need to talk, indeed!
I closely followed the World Youth Forum that took place last week in Sharm el-Sheikh; not only because
Nadine El-Nabli
Blog: #MeToo and the question of speaking
This is the 2nd piece in a series of commissioned reflections on MeToo as a campaign
Franco Galdini
Against normalizing the abnormal: BDS and the struggle for Palestinian rights
World leaders are still fusing anti-Semitism & anti-Zionism to discredit pro-Palestinian activism
Jenna Le Bras
France and Egypt: Allies of convenience
Does this relationship have any benefits besides contributing to the legitimation of a repressive power?
Laura Bird
Blog: #MeToo, vulnerability and ninja hedgehogs
This is the first piece in a series of commissioned reflections on MeToo as a campaign
Ahmed Naji
About Alaa: Prison isolates and so does your silence
Ahmed Naji, who was briefly jailed with Alaa, on remembering and not forgetting
Scott Long
On not being there
Human rights and solidarity in Egypt’s LGBTQ crisis
Yara Sallam
Blog: How we got used to the screams of those on death row
Former prisoner Yara Sallam writes on the right to life on World Day against the Death Penalty
Shawkan: How can Egypt lead UNESCO? 
From prison, Shawkan criticizes the nomination of Moushira Khattab for director of UNESCO
Shawkan: ‘As if’ the state were concerned with the right to communication
Photojournalist Shawkan, in detention for 4 years, on the right to communication
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