Amr Kotb
Changes in US aid to Egypt: Inconsistency, blind austerity and fluctuations in political will
Public praise, private criticism and coincidental feasibility?
Mattia Toaldo
The thread between Giulio Regeni and Italy’s migration deal
Italy gave up the search for truth about a murder to reduce the influx of migrants
Amro Ali, Eman Abdel Reheem, Ahmed al-Fakharany, Dina Wahba and Amr Ezzat
Eid reflections: When ritual and family are a source of comfort and anxiety
Five writers reflect on family and tradition over the holiday
Heba El-Sherif
Media spotlight: Giulio Regeni as seen by Egypt’s media pundits
There is a move towards presenting 'business as usual' concerning relations with Italy in Egyptian media
Maha T. Khalil
Sharks: Misunderstood treasures of our seas
On Red Sea sharks and how to behave around them
Amira Mahmoud
Food crimes and Hunger Games
"Garemt Akl" (eating crime) in Nasr City
Lucia Sorbera, Andrea Teti, Gennaro Gervasio, Enrico De Angelis
Raison d’état: On Giulio Regeni and the return of Italy’s ambassador to Cairo
4 Italian academics explain why the return of the ambassador to Cairo is not in Italy's national interest
Dina Wahba
Rabea: How do we live with ourselves after witnessing a massacre?
Most Egyptians have constructed narratives around Rabea in order to deal with what happened
Hannah Porter
Yemen’s ongoing conflict reveals a deeply divided Gulf
Now Qatar has been ostracized by Gulf states, it is at liberty to criticize the war in Yemen
Heba El-Sherif
Media spotlight: What does the Egyptian press have to say about Qatar?
Qatar has featured prominently in Egypt's online and print newspapers in recent weeks
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