Sarah Rifky
Absurd history, absolute future
Revolution is not a given, but a constantly changing concept.
Lina Attalah
Things I learned on how not to remember the revolution
It is the 10th anniversary of the Arab Spring, and we can’t quite escape that substance called remembrance.
Lama Abu Odeh
Liberal versus radical feminism: the fundamental contradiction
The sooner those feminists understand this underlying tension and try to manage it, the better
Dina Makram Ebeid
Battling sexual violence within institutions: Things we have learned
Civil society organizations cannot just “handle” sexual violence with the logic of crisis management
Hind Ahmed Zaki
How Egyptian women have broken the stigma around sexual violence
This is a pivotal moment of pain, of positive confusion, that Egyptian society desperately needs
Ismail Fayed
Mada’s feminist roundtables 01 | Justice now: A feminist moment of reckoning
Each roundtable brings together feminist activists, intellectuals, academics, lawyers and more.
S. Al Haq
From behind the screens: Feminism and hope in 2020
Online life was no longer just an extension of the world
Abdelrahman ElGendy
Conquering entropy
I had to keep resisting, even in the simplest forms.
Menna Ekram
Madame Defarge reminds us of the core of her revolution
I started writing the names of every famous person who came to show support to that man.
Reem Abbas
This straw will drown us: On Sudan’s normalization with Israel
The proponents of normalization argue that this step favors Sudan’s interests without explaining how
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