Jean-Bernard Beauregard
A Macron tale: The story of a perfect Champs-Elywood recipe
A satirical account of the French election and the state of France after Macron’s election
Mia Jankowicz
The Brexit election that never was
The UK will wake up tomorrow with no better idea of what Brexit means on any level
Asef Bayat
Reminiscing Gramsci
It is a tribute to Gramsci to identify the crisis. It is up to us to address it
Yasmin El-Rifae
On Palestine and the role and importance of 'witnessing'
Rasha Hilwi
The Freedom and Dignity hunger strike and the meaning of victory
Palestinian prisoners' hunger strike: Success but a missed opportunity?
Lucy Marx
Blog: Terror and the price of fear
Manchester – Minya – Baghdad – Kabul – London
Fatemeh Sadeghi
Iran’s presidential election: Freedom allies within an authoritarian contract
On Hassan Rouhani’s landslide victory for Iran’s reformists
Abdelrahman Mansour and Mohamed Aboelgheitit
Hope without illusion: Preparing for Egypt’s 2018 presidential elections
2018 will not be the end of the road if we seek to be taken seriously as competitors
Amr Adly
The IMF is neither the problem nor the solution
Development does not co-exist naturally with free market policies
Sarah Calamand
The French presidential election: Why is the choice so difficult?
The fate of France's democratic system is tied up with a disoriented and hesitant French electoral public
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