Define your generation here. Generation What
Hanan Elbadawi
The curious case of the 1-night operation
Are the strikes on Syria ‘mission accomplished?’
Leila Al Shami
The ‘anti-imperialism’ of idiots
We cannot expect Syrians to just shut up and die to protect the principle of anti-imperialism
Will Bury
After Ghouta: Will south Damascus be Syria’s next offensive?
How do you tell the story of an abandoned city in 1,000 words?
Selim Mohie
Under heat waves and dust storms
What can voter turnout tell us about Sisi's re-election?
Lara Deeb, Maya Mikdashi and Samuli Schielke
On Saba Mahmood
3 scholars share their thoughts on Saba Mahmood's scholarship and her passing
Amro Ali
Why do authoritarian regimes love elections?
Why do authoritarian regimes bother to hold elections when it's obvious who the winner will be?
Laila El Baradei
The Emperor’s New Clothes
Re-reading The Emperor’s New Clothes in light of Egypt's 2018 presidential election
Maha T. Khalil
What should we be asking about Egypt’s food security mega-projects?
And why are the longer term impacts of these projects on the environment not being discussed?
Lucia Sorbera
The challenge of racism, misogyny and social justice in contemporary Europe
Notes on the Italian general election
Dina Makram Ebeid
Grappling with forms of justice: Combating sexual violence in civil society
Is it possible to seek justice for survivors of sexual violence in civil society?
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