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  • To support independent journalism in Egypt
  • To gather with like-minded people around stimulating activities and content, even remotely
  • To access year-long events and activities that include concerts, film screenings, panels, discussions, literary readings, exhibition tours, and workshops
  • To get members-only insights and analysis from our editors, and printed copies of our latest publications in both Arabic and English, as well as the Mada Morning Digest
  • To meet the team behind Mada and join a growing community of writers, artists, academics and thinkers who produce engaging content across various mediums
  • To access a set of services offered by Mada, including training, and editorial support

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About the Mada Membership Program

Since June 2013, Mada Masr has been providing critical coverage of the country’s political and economic realities, social phenomena and cultural landscape, in a variety of different languages: written and visual, Arabic and English, serious and light. At the heart of this work is an attempt to find ways to involve our readers in our many processes.

The Mada Membership Program is an extension of this desire to engage readers closely. We want to let our readers support our work and, in a way, become our main backers, while learning more about their thoughts and needs. Beyond financially supporting Mada, this community acts as an extended family, mobilized by the intention to support independent media in Egypt and safeguard a space for critical knowledge production and free, creative expression. We believe that this is the kind of knowledge and expression that disrupts dominant narratives and reconstructs new ones that help us rethink the worlds surrounding us.

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The basics

Who are Mada’s members?

Our members work across a wide-reaching variety of disciplines — including business, academia, journalism, development, rights advocacy, humanitarian assistance, art, scientific research, engineering, medicine, law and sports — and are based in Egypt and all over the world.

What is the Editors’ Insights and Analysis?

A debrief from our editors that places important news and ideas in context and provides informed analysis of current events. A blend of exclusive insights and original reporting that did not make it to our website. A trip to the laboratory where stories are investigated. An exciting new product that is continuously evolving.

What kind of events are you planning on organizing?

Organizing events provides us with a unique opportunity for offline and online encounters with our growing network of readers and followers. We will carry on with the music arm of Mada’s events program, and, in parallel, we will curate film screenings, panel discussions, literary readings by recently published authors, and recordings for these events, along with guided exhibition tours led by some of our collaborators in the arts and music scene. This is just a glimpse — there’s more in store.

Do I have to RSVP to events or can I just show up?

Yes, we urge you to RSVP to the events you plan to attend, because we we will need to limit the audience size according to each venue’s capacity.

Can I invite a friend to your events?

All members who are subscribed to Tiers 3 and 4 are invited, with a plus-one. If you are subscribed to Tiers 1 or 2, you will have to send an email to request an additional name be added to the guest list. Approval will depend on the venue’s capacity.

What kind of merchandise will I receive?

We have a collection of branded merchandise, which includes T-shirts, sweaters, notebooks and mugs featuring artwork by Cairo-based designer Omar Mobarek and our very own Andeel. We also produced a line of unique, upcycled beach bags in collaboration with Up-fuse, an environmentally conscious brand.

What is the Mada Training Program?

Mada’s Training Program spans 12 months and is comprised of four independent 2-3 day workshops that are designed to be taken as a cluster or alone. The module aims to introduce participants to a number of tools to improve their research and production skills. Sessions will focus on content and form, exploring text, video and audio.

When and where will the training workshops take place?

All sessions will be organized at Mada’s office in Cairo. A full schedule will be communicated to all those who signed up for Tiers 1 and 2.

What are your publications about and what language are they published in?

We have been developing ideas for publications around specific themes in our coverage, spanning local politics, economy, culture and society. We have also been developing publications in collaboration with networks of like-minded Arab media in the region. There are a number of publications in the pipeline, of which some are in English and some are in Arabic.

What is the Morning Digest?

The Mada Morning Digest is a comprehensive daily overview of the Arabic-language press in Egypt, translated into English, summarized and emailed every morning from Sunday to Thursday. The Digest unpacks Egypt’s complex political, economic and social conditions as represented by local press. More than just the average press review, it gives a broad perspective that is contextualized and nuanced.

What are the editorial services you offer?

Our services include bulk writing, editing, translation, proofreading, research, video production, online marketing campaigns and trainings.

I am subscribed to Tier 3 or Tier 4 but I’m not receiving the Morning Digest. Who should I contact?

You should send an email to [email protected].

When can I redeem my bundle?

You can redeem your bundle of services as soon as you become a member, by sending an email to [email protected].

Signing up and payment

How do I sign up?

You can sign up through this form.

Can I pay in several installments?

This is not our general policy, but exceptions can be made for members in Tiers 3 and 4. If you would like to space out your payments, please contact us at [email protected]

I subscribed but did not receive a confirmation email. What do I do?

Wait a few days and check your junk mailbox. If you still don’t find an email from us, write to [email protected] with the subject line “Problem with membership subscription.”

What is your cancellation policy?

Once payment is complete, you will not be able to refund your membership. However, refunds and/or deferrals may be processed for unredeemed trainings and editorial services.

When does my membership expire?

Your membership expires 12 months after you sign up.

What do I do if I just want to support Mada financially without joining the program?

Mada is registered as a company, which makes accepting donations illegal. If you feel that the membership program is not how you would like to contribute to Mada, we have a list of products and services that you can purchase or make use of, supporting us in a way that is instrumental to our financial sustainability: You can come to our monthly music gigs, purchase merchandise through our e-store, subscribe to the Mada Morning Digest (a daily roundup of the Arabic-language press in Egypt), or commission us for research, translation, copyediting, video and text production. We are interested in building ties with people who support us, whether through the Mada Membership Program or other forms of collaboration, in such a way that limits one-time or fleeting interactions.


Who do I get in touch with if I’m not receiving emails from Mada?

Send an email to [email protected].