Yahia Shawkat
Yahia Shawkat is co-founder of 10 Tooba | Applied Research on the Built Environment where he focuses on the intersection of social justice with the built environment.and blogs at ShadowMinistryOfHousing.org read more
Yahia Shawkat
The disaster is still with us 22 years later
Last Sunday marked the 22nd anniversary of the October 12 earthquake that hit central Egypt, destroying
Yahia Shawkat
How rent could solve the housing problem
In a previous article I pointed out four main challenges for the housing minister in providing adequate
Yahia Shawkat
The promise of a new housing minister and the policies Egyptians deserve
Mostafa Madbuly is the fourth housing minister since January 2011, the beginning of a revolution that
The donkey cart journal
Yahia Shawkat | This conversation with Am Salah elucidates how carts are actually the smart vehicle of the city.