Virginie Nguyen
In Photos: Cairo welcomes spring
Lindsey Parietti and Virginie Nguyen | Copts attend Easter mass at Saint Samaan’s Church in Moqattam over the holiday weekend and families
The referendum in pictures
Virginie Nguyen | Egypt’s 2014 constitutional referendum in pictures First day of voting: Tuesday January 14, 2014
Simple Coptic Christmas with a family in Shubra
Virginie Nguyen | Coptic Orthodox Christians — who represent the vast majority of the Coptic community in Egypt — celebrated
The year 2013 in 12 pictures
Virginie Nguyen | As the year closes, Mada Masr remembers the moments of 2013. Through these images, by photographer
Video: Parkour’s urban acrobatics
Virginie Nguyen | Parkour is an acrobatic sport that involves running and doing tricks in an urban space, while landing
In Photos: Battle for Ramses
Virginie Nguyen | Virginie Nguyen shares her testimonial and visual documentation of the Ramses violence on August 16,