Ursula Lindsey
Ursula Lindsey has lived in Cairo since 2002. She writes for The Chronicle of Higher Education, the New York Times' Latitude blog and the London Review of Books blog. She edits the Arabist blog. read more
Ursula Lindsey
The regime’s new clothes
Sometime in June, cars in Egypt began displaying plain sheets of A4 paper with the sentence: “Have
Crossing lines with PalFest
Ursula Lindsey | Ursula Lindsey's thoughtful piece on freedom of movement in Palestine and the importance of the annual
Tactical voters
Lina Attalah and Ursula Lindsey | In the 2012 presidential elections, a little less than 5 million people voted for left-leaning journalist
A new leader for a young party
Ursula Lindsey | Hala Shukrallah was elected the new president of the Dostour party on February 21. The 59-year-old sociologist,
Counting the dead
Jahd Khalil and Ursula Lindsey | This week, the National Council for Human Rights will release the final report of its fact-finding committee
Egypt’s winding path toward a new constitution
Ursula Lindsey | Since the ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak, Egyptians have witnessed the formation of three constitutional
Learning from Cairo
Ursula Lindsey | Last April a group of activists, academics, architects and those who have become obsessed, in one way
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