Sherif Zaazaa
Sherif  is a jack-of-all-trades. During any given week, his energies oscillate wildly between independent publishing, music and intensive research in the fields of economics, oil and gas, and Eastern philosophy for good measure. After graduating with a BA in Economics read more
Economy in a week: Tax talks
Sherif Zaazaa | This week sees the World Bank’s Spring Meeting on tax talks, a conference on how to boost Egypt’s
Economy in a week: The scramble for other energy options
Sherif Zaazaa | Egypt’s energy debacle continues this week with conflicting statements from the Petroleum and Electricity
Economy in a week: Taxing the rich
Sherif Zaazaa | Egypt’s Minister of Finance announced ongoing negotiations on a five percent exceptional taxation
Economy in a week: Egypt reclassified as frontier market
Sherif Zaazaa | After a three-year review, Russell’s Annual Index reclassified Egypt’s status from an emerging
Economy in a week: CBE keeps interest low despite inflation fears
Sherif Zaazaa | Against the backdrop of a major government reshuffle, maintaining the status quo was the dominant theme
Economy in a week: Little progress on energy crisis
Sherif Zaazaa | Despite the government’s growing energy concerns to provide for electricity and industries, which
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Economy in a week: Debt levels reach historic highs
Economy in a week: Slow growth, no problem, says finance minister
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Economy in a week: CBE slashes interest rates for third time in 2013
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