Sherif Abdel Samad
Sherif Abdel Samad holds a PhD in American Studies from the Free University of Berlin. He wrote his dissertation on "Non-violence in the Civil Rights Movement in the United States of America". He also used to box at university. read more
Sherif Abdel Samad
Obituary: Muhammad Ali (1942-2016)
Muhammad Ali, born Cassius Clay, grew up in Louisville, Kentucky in the 1940s, at the time of the vicious
Cairo, Coltrane and a fictional village
Sherif Abdel Samad | I delved into Nool’s first three titles in an attempt to get a feel for the direction they’re taking
Shubeik Lubeik: An urban fantasy about wishes
Sherif Abdel Samad | In her debut graphic novel Shubeik Lubeik (2018), young graphic novelist Deena Mohamed Yehia (1994) draws
An intricate amalgam of love, sex and politics: Nobody Mourns the City’s Cats
Sherif Abdel Samad | Six stories about love and loss against the backdrop of a failed revolution
New Arabic translation gives Golo’s adaptation of Albert Cossery’s Proud Beggars more layers of life
Sherif Abdel Samad | Sherif Abdel Samad looks at the new Arabic translation of Golo’s and Albert Cossery’s Proud Beggars
‘What was safety, anyway, but the sound of a bomb falling on someone else’s home?’
Sherif Abdel Samad | Sherif Abdel Samad speaks to Omar El Akkad about his new novel, American War
On Colombian literary giant Gabriel García Márquez as journalist
Sherif Abdel Samad | Sherif Abdel Samad looks at Márquez's journalistic works and their influence on his fiction
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