Sharif S Elmusa
Sharif S Elmusa
The West’s debt to Greece, and the rest
The political drama of Greece’s debt — which has only entered a new chapter with the latest deal
Sharif S Elmusa
Sharing the Nile waters according to needs
There may not be enough water for everybody to get all they want from the Nile’s waters, but sharing
Sharif S Elmusa
To act or not to act like a state
Scrolling through pictures on the Internet the other day in the middle of Israel’s bombardment of Gaza,
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Poem: Only Flogged
Sharif S Elmusa | For Ashraf Fayadh, a Palestinian poet sentenced in Saudi Arabia.
Poem: The Little Prince and the Air Force Pilot
Sharif S Elmusa | “You should have seen the imploded children you have killed in your last air raid,” said the little
Cairo poems: Happiest Times
Sharif S Elmusa | Transposition (From “The autobiography of Sidi al-Shaarani”)  Merchants gifted me
Cairo poems: The Riddle of the Sphinx
Sharif S Elmusa | So much good has happened since the Sphinx fell silent.   The longer he keeps his mouth closed  
Cairo poems: Mobile Mosque
Sharif S Elmusa | The metro in Ramadan is a mobile mosque. The dry lips recite verses from plastic-covered Qurans.
Out of Egypt
Sharif S Elmusa | I have written “Out of Egypt” as a mark of the end of my many years in Egypt, teaching at the American