Sarah Rifky
Sarah Rifky is a curator and writer based in Cairo, Egypt. She is co-founder of the art initiative Beirut.  read more
Sarah Rifky
we announce our love for life
We need a lucid world, and sobriety, to reimagine what is to come.  
Sarah Rifky
reimagine: all the people
Break the cycles of economic acceleration and crisis. Slow down. Then things will start changing.
Sarah Rifky
Re-reading myself: On writing the revolution
Editor’s note: We found it hard to solicit pieces commemorating the January 25 revolution, mainly because
An interview on COVID-19 with virologist Islam Hussein
Sarah Rifky | There is a correlation between COVID-19 infection and smoking.
Doing nothing
Sarah Rifky | #WAYDO marks an interesting moment of collaboration between two types of institution and it stages a