Sarah Carr
Sarah came to Egypt ten years ago to explore the half of her personality she hadn’t figured out before. The daughter of a British father and an Egyptian mother, she studied Arabic and Law at the School of Oriental and read more
Sarah Carr
Blog: Ludicrous trials and ordinary madness
There has been much anger and many public expressions of shock at the prison sentences handed down to
Sarah Carr
For Bassem
Death is the carbon paper on which the events of the past three years were etched, the constant uninvited
Sarah Carr
Boxed in
I (very) briefly grappled with whether to vote, or boycott this referendum but after the experience of
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Sexual assault and the state: A history of violence
Sarah Carr | This article contains strong language and graphic sexual content. ​Hend (not her real name), an outspoken
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Sherif Azer | Dear Ahmed Mourad, I experienced steadily rising fury from the first page of your novel, “1919,”
From the campaigns: End of the line
Sarah Carr | Shubra al-Kheima is at the end of the line. From the lofty vista of its metro station, it is as if a
The anniversary of tension: Blog
Sarah Carr | For no discernible reason, attendees of the April 6 Youth Movement presser were made to wait outside
Sisi in the words of others
Sarah Carr |   Tahrir Square on January 25, 2014 said everything you need to know about what others have said
Breakfast with Mada: Bassem Youssef on cracking the walls
Sarah Carr | Every Thursday Mada Masr invites someone interesting to the office on the promise of a hearty
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