Sara Seif Eddin
To jump into the unknown: Egyptian laborers stranded in the Gulf in the time of COVID-19
Sara Seif Eddin | The COVID-19 crisis comes as the GCC countries attempt to reduce reliance on foreign labor
Ramadan TV 2020: What’s worth tolerating this year?
Adham al-Shaer, Hadeer El-Mahdawy, Karoline Kamel, Leila Arman, Mohamed Ashraf Abu Emaira, Mohamed Tarek, Mostafa Mohie, Nada Arafat, Omar Said, Salah El Oweidy, Sara Seif Eddin, Yasmin El-Rifae and Yasmine Zohdi | Nothing can stand in the way of the Ramadan TV season — not even the worst pandemic in 100 years.
The cost of delivery: How the safety and welfare of essential delivery workers is discounted during lockdown
Sara Seif Eddin | "If a delivery worker gets infected, they will easily replace him with another one"
Making ventilators in Egypt: tough, but not impossible
Mostafa Mohie, Rana Mamdouh and Sara Seif Eddin | "The number of ventilators is insufficient for Egypt's population under normal circumstances"
Gone with the wind: The flotation’s impact on Egyptian exports
Mohamed Ramadan and Sara Seif Eddin | "We import the buttons, we import the zippers, then we cheer when we export the ready-to-wear shirt"