Sama Waly
‘Passion is contagious, if you’re open to it’: A conversation with Marianne Khoury
Sama Waly | To mark Panorama's 10th edition we interview its founder, director and producer Marianne Khoury
Paper, transport and bureaucracy in Egypt: An interview with artist Ash Moniz
Sama Waly | Ash Moniz on his Townhouse solo show “In the Anticipation of a Future Need to Know”
The Adam Henein Museum in conversation and photos
Sama Waly and Taha Belal | Pictures and chat from the Adam Henein museum, out near the pyramids.
Q&A with Rania Stephan: Souad Hosni, detectives and the future of Arab cinema
Sama Waly | For me, the closest document to an actress is her work, because she has invested her body and some of
Letting viewers see ‘unconventional’ films: Q&A on the AFAC Film Week
Ahmed Refaat and Sama Waly | The most pressing problem the region’s filmmakers face today is arguably the absence of good distribution
The Futuropolis show and imagining alternative art spaces
Sama Waly | Back to the Origins is the third in a series of exhibitions, Futuropolis, curated by Paul Geday at the
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