Rowan El Shimi

Culture journalist

Rowan El Shimi is a culture journalist from Cairo, but she often finds herself working on stories all over the country, especially Alexandria. She covers a range of topics in culture, mostly revolving around film, theater and photography, with a special focus on read more
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Rowan El Shimi | Hussein al-Azaat takes us on a tour of his collection of rare books, comics, prints, stamps, posters
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Areej Gamal, Doaa Nabhan, Leila Arman, Rowan El Shimi, Wafaa Elsaeed and Yasmine Zohdi | Mada Masr's culture team takes a look at this year's Cairo Cinema Days lineup
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Osman El Sharnoubi and Rowan El Shimi | Mada Masr speaks with people affected by the metro construction work on Cairo's Sudan Street
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Rowan El Shimi | A review of Mada Masr's video production
Photocopy: A story of evolution, told through Instagram filters
Rowan El Shimi | The film relies on relatable, unconvincing characters, and without a strong structure, feels incomplete
Egypt’s cinematic gems: Sleepless Nights
Rowan El Shimi | Hany Khalifa's frank film broke the prudish "clean cinema" trend in 2003.
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