Nour El Safoury
Nour El Safoury is freelance writer and an aspiring cultural critic who is based in Cairo. She has a special interest in film history and theory and in contemporary moving image practices in art. read more
Kurrasat Al Cimatheque: Some beautiful, if not yet groundbreaking, film writing
Nour El Safoury | There’s a lot to admire about this new non-periodical film magazine produced by Cimatheque, but Nour
On Hassan Khan’s ‘Alexandria marathon,’ translation and control
Nour El Safoury | I’d like to defend inaccessibility and the virtues of getting lost, writes Nour El Safoury.
FestBeat: On the Network of Arab Arthouse Screens
Nour El Safoury | More and more attention is being given to the presence of Arab cinema in the international film market.
FestBeat: Arab films screening at the Berlinale is no surprise
Nour El Safoury | There’s a general trend, especially in mainstream narrative cinema, to approach the cinematic medium
FestBeat: Tamer El Said’s haunted film premieres at the Berlinale
Nour El Safoury | This film helps us, especially as people from the Arabic-speaking world, to see the world differently.
On Mohamed Khan’s memories, tastes and thoughts on Egypt’s film industry
Nour El Safoury | From showbiz gossip, childhood memories and praise of films or foodstuffs to nuanced arguments about
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