Nevine El-Shabrawy

Nevine is the creative brains behind the Life & Society section. A mother of two and a hardcore feminist, Nevine’s wit and insight are translated into her writings. 

A stay at the Winter Palace in Luxor
Nevine El-Shabrawy | For a local getaway, you may want to consider Luxor. It’s getting hotter, and spring may just be the
New flavors come to Maadi: Latin American cuisine at La Tabla Luna
Nevine El-Shabrawy | Another new Maadi installation, La Tabla Luna specializes in Latin American cuisine with dishes from
UNTY: Fashion brand fuses art, film and music into designs
Nevine El-Shabrawy | Spring is looking promising for t-shirt illustration brand “UNTY” (pronounced “unity”).
The Vegan Kitchen
Nevine El-Shabrawy | For a meat and cheese loving foodie, the idea of a vegan restaurant is highly suspect. For meat eaters,
Is one night of camping better than nothing?
Nevine El-Shabrawy | On a 48-hour trip to Bahareya and the White Desert.
No ‘poo for you!
Nevine El-Shabrawy | Apparently, shampoo is evil. I know it may have never crossed your mind, but rumors have been spreading
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