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Naira Antoun


Naira is a writer and editor with Mada, and a maqloubeh and cycling enthusiast.

Chasing the birds, walking into the grey zones
Naira Antoun | A collective practice review of Mada’s society section in 2017
LGBTQ crackdowns, civil society and social change: A video conversation
Naira Antoun | Responses to seminal moments of state violence against LGBTQ individuals in Egypt
The politics of the personal: January 25 through the lens of depression
Naira Antoun | An exploration of hope, defeat and mental health in the aftermath of revolution
To cope or to resist: How people deal with abruptly deteriorating economic conditions
Lina Attalah, Naira Antoun, Reem Saad and Yasmine M. Ahmed | Anthropologists Reem Saad and Yasmine M. Ahmed join Mada to discuss popular responses to economic hardship
Interview: HIV/AIDS is more a social, legal, rights issue than health issue
Naira Antoun | Mada Masr sits with an activist who has been engaged in work on HIV/AIDS over the past decade.
Between two fires: If you don’t want your harasser to be tortured
Naira Antoun | When one woman was sexually harassed this month in Cairo, she made an unusual move.
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