Nada Gamal
When bridges fail: Alexandria’s Mahmoudiya Axis leaves pedestrians in a bind
Nada Gamal | "Personally, the only ‘development’ I feel is having to carry my son every time we cross the road"
Video | No means to make amends
Nada Gamal | Mada Masr spoke to residents attempting to navigate the costly reconciliation process.
I’m sorry I harassed you
Nada Gamal | Without remorse, apologies do not work. 
Video | Angry seas in al-Mex
Nada Gamal | Residents in Alexandria's historical al-Mex were handed eviction notices last month
Medical nonprofits face the pandemic
Nada Gamal | Two socially funded operations have seen their workload swell several-fold during the crisis.
Video | The sensory photographer
Nada Gamal | Hussein al-Orabi is a visually impaired student who is training to be a photographer.