Mostafa Darwish
Mostafa Darwish is a freelance visual journalist based in the Middle East. Currently in Egypt, he began his career as a photojournalist in 2011 and has worked with Egyptian local newspapers such as Elbadil and Youm7, in addition to international read more
Video | Beyond the factory: The tile maker
Mostafa Darwish | A walkthrough: How to make patterned tiles
Video | The bakery boss
Mostafa Darwish | Affaf Abdel Maqsud raised, educated and married off her children through her “breadwinning” role
Video | Beyond the factory: The salt sculptor
Mostafa Darwish | Emad, one of 3 salt sculptors in Egypt, speaks of the origins, challenges and benefits of the craft
Video | Satisfaction
Mostafa Darwish | The story of Reda who taught himself to play table tennis using his jaws
Video | Beyond the factory: The crate maker
Mostafa Darwish | In this episode, Mostafa Darwish visits the city where palm stem crates are made
Video | Beyond the Factory: The mannequin makers
Mostafa Darwish | In this episode of Beyond the Factory, Mostafa Darwish visits a mannequin workshop in Qalyubiya
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