Mohamad Salama Adam
Adam describes himself as a failed physicist and day laborer journalist. He spent his formative years between Wardan, a town in rural Giza whose only claim to fame is a fake Pharonic temple built by one of its Pharoah-obsessed sons, read more
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Mohamad Salama Adam
Mohamed Mahmoud: The revolutionary romance continues
On Friday November 25, 2011, one week after the Mohamed Mahmoud events, I was standing near
Waiting for God’s victory
Mohamad Salama Adam | “It is a Salafi dawah, a Sunni tariqa, a Sufi reality, a political establishment, a sports group, a
The police are back, but for how long?
Mohamad Salama Adam | Perhaps the people happiest with humankind’s failure to turn the sci-fi legend of time machines
Al-Azhar’s power play
Mohamad Salama Adam | Following several steps to tighten its grip on Egypt’s mosques, the Ministry of Endowments has unexpectedly
No more negotiating
Mohamad Salama Adam | The December 24 bomb attack in Mansoura didn’t just leave the security directorate building there in
The Interior Ministry’s uncertainty principle
Mohamad Salama Adam | It may be difficult for people to understand the uncertainty principle, part of quantum mechanics theory
First-hand account of Rabea dispersal
Lina Attalah and Mohamad Salama Adam | We reached the Rabea al-Adaweya sit-in at 7 am on Wednesday, about an hour after the police and Armed
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