Mia Jankowicz

Mia Jankowicz is a freelance writer and curator. She was artistic director of downtown Cairo’s Contemporary Image Collective between 2009 and 2013.

Mia Jankowicz
The Brexit election that never was
The UK will wake up tomorrow with no better idea of what Brexit means on any level
Mia Jankowicz
A lick of paint
You probably noticed that Qasr al-Nil Bridge has been repainted in green and lavish gold. Just
Maeve Brennan’s The Drift and messing up mainstream media stories
Mia Jankowicz | An unfathomable place in perpetual need of explaining from the outside
Against helplessness in the arts
Mia Jankowicz | As soon as we give in to the idea that we are nothing but private citizens we’ve given up 99 percent
A Worthy Degenerate, a marker of this moment’s caution
Mia Jankowicz | The poor image maintains its vitality through mobility. Not waiting to be seen, as conventionally exhibited
The knife-sharpener’s wheel: A review of Ayman Ramadan’s Mere Real Things at Townhouse West
Mia Jankowicz | While we may well have to adapt to the expectations of private supporters, we must decide which compromises
Whose urban vision? A ranty diary of a D-CAF program
Mia Jankowicz | Street harassment is not a theme but should be taken on as a structural condition, as unavoidable to
Broad and challenging: D-CAF performing arts highlights
Mia Jankowicz | My first experience of D-CAF’s 2014 performing arts program was being turned away: Billy Cowie’s
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