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Mai Elwakil
If you belong to the Cairo hipster scene, you’ve probably caught a glimpse of a bob of curly, black hair out of the corner of your eye at an underground art exhibition, but in a blur of handbags and notebooks read more
Can we converse with buildings?
Mai Elwakil | A review of Malak Yacout’s Dialogue with 10 Nabrawy
Plan(s) for Greater Baghdad: How hidden stories shape iconic cities
Mai Elwakil | Mai Elwakil interviews Ala Younis on her feminist exhibition about Le Corbusier’s Baghdad gymnasium
In conversation: Lara Khaldi on earth, artists’ books and Sharjah Biennial 13
Mai Elwakil | "Every two years Sharjah becomes a center of sorts for Arab artistic production"
The games that happen behind the camera: A conversation with filmmaker Ahmed Elghoneimy
Mai Elwakil | "The cast gets implicated in the films, and we develop them together"
The 2016 Dubai Design Week: High hopes for sustainable design in the region
Mai Elwakil | Designers utilize old skills and local materials to make new products at Dubai Design Week.
Talking about the quietly fascinating 12th Sharjah Biennial
Jenifer Evans and Mai Elwakil | Mai Elwakil and Jenifer Evans talk about their impressions of the 2015 Sharjah Biennial.
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