Mai Elwakil
If you belong to the Cairo hipster scene, you’ve probably caught a glimpse of a bob of curly, black hair out of the corner of your eye at an underground art exhibition, but in a blur of handbags and notebooks read more
Video | From Planet Kaio: The Synaptik
Ahmed El Sabbagh and Mai Elwakil | His debut album featured collaborations with El Rass, Bu Kolthoum, Abyusif, El Far3i and Mehrak.
Ramadan 2019 TV: What watching has done to us
Fathi Elshekh, Hadeer El-Mahdawy, Heba El-Sherif, Isra Ezzeldin, Leila Arman, Mai Elwakil, Mohamed Ashraf Abu Emaira, Mostafa Mohie, Nawara Belal, Osman El Sharnoubi and Yasmine Zohdi | Mada has sacrificed some of its best journalists, sending them off to watch this year’s Ramadan TV
A slice of life in a Sudanese prison
Mai Elwakil | On the recently issued reproduction of Ibrahim El-Salahi’s Prison Notebook
Modernist Indignation: Two architects on the forgotten legacy of Sayed Karim
Mai Elwakil | Discussing visionary Egyptian architect Sayed Karim and an award-winning exhibition of his work
A history of petro-modernism in the Middle East: Crude
Mai Elwakil | A show featuring contemporary artwork that engages with the oil industry’s vast, messy archive
Amal Kenawy’s layered artistic process uncovered in Frozen Memory
Mai Elwakil | The show, which runs until Jan. 19, takes the artist’s creative process as its organizing principle
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