Maddison Sawle
Would you hire a female plumber?
Maddison Sawle | Um Bassem, a plumber in Cairo, has challenged the rules about women working in male-dominated fields
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Egypt’s working poor are facing a silent killer: Bad food
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Family of dead medical student accuse prosecution of attempting to quietly close case
Maddison Sawle | Family and friends of Ahmed Medhat, a medical student who died this week in Egypt, are certain that he
Re-assembling the social at the Cairo Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Maddison Sawle | Most agree that the state of education in Egypt is dire. There is an over-emphasis on exams and teaching
At Wekalet Behna: Making culture inclusive?
Maddison Sawle | Tucked behind a coffeehouse in a bustling paper market in downtown Alexandria is Wekalet Behna. It’s