Mada Masr
Becoming ‘legal’: On Mada Masr’s decision to apply for a license under the new media law
We made this choice while thinking about what it means to be radical inside out
Mohamed Gad
An income spent on daily subsistence
Wage earners are picking up the tab of Egypt’s economic ‘reform’ program
Ezzedine C. Fishere
Why the Egyptian military will relinquish power
The military elite has not modified its behavior, and may soon manoeuvre into a new role
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Court sets verdict date for EIPR asset freeze order after refusing to hear defense
EIPR's lawyers only learned of the freeze while trying to obtain visitation permits on Monday
Contentious ‘joint investigation’ into Regeni murder ends with mutual Egyptian-Italian understanding to part ways
Egypt will “temporarily close” its investigation into the 2016 murder of Italian PhD student Giulio
Source: Scores arrested following sectarian clashes in Minya
Videos circulating on social media showed a barn owned by some of the residents being set ablaze.
Detox | In remembrance
| We also have a playlist of songs written by the late poet and lyricist Mido Zoheir
Detained EIPR head held in ‘inhumane and degrading’ prison conditions
| Abdel Razek said he has been held in solitary confinement since he arrived at Tora on Friday morning
Jailed Fairmont witness in danger, family and lawyer say, as remand detention drags on
| Prosecutors renewed Karim’s remand detention for 45 days on Saturday.
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Crackdown on EIPR sparks international condemnation
Ten executions carried out in Minya
In rare move, court orders release of 460 detainees held in remand detention
Four days since disappearance of photojournalist following national security summons
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