Louise Sarant
Louise is tall, funny and bubbly. She likes sports, food and mahraganet music, but also hip-hop from across North Africa. So she organizes amazing parties. But her greatest passion is to safeguard the planet. Louise traces oil spills and industrial read more
Louise Sarant
Who cares if Cairo is the world’s most polluted city?
Seeing Cairo labeled as the world’s most polluted city should be a call for action
In post-revolution Egypt, a fierce fight over coal imports
Louise Sarant | The fight over coal demonstrates the continued influence of powerful business lobbies in Egypt
Q&A with Environment Minister Khaled Fahmy
Louise Sarant | In a Q&A from COP22, Fahmy addresses everything from climate finance to Egypt's contentious coal use.
Paris climate agreement in line with Egypt, Arab world agendas
Louise Sarant | “December 12, 2015, will go down in the history of the planet. In Paris, we saw a few revolutions,
Dispatch from Paris: Where does Egypt stand in COP21 negotiations?
Louise Sarant | The COP21 climate negotiations in Paris are entering a critical phase. In about 24 hours, 195 countries
The coal war
Louise Sarant | Two weeks ago, a giant mountain of coal was erected in the port of Alexandria. Uncovered, and barely
Small but mighty, earthworms could save Egypt’s soil
Louise Sarant | When Egyptian researchers, farmers and environmentalists look at earthworms, they don’t dwell on the
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