Leena ElDeeb
Leena ElDeeb is an independent journalist with a great passion for anthropology. She is currently based in Cairo, where she writes about culture, society and politics. @leenaeldeeb
Shawkan’s place: Between memory and hope
Leena ElDeeb | Shawkan's family, surrounded by photographs of him, are still clinging to hope
In photos: The third Trader of Simplicity exhibition remembers Hisham Rizq
Leena ElDeeb | "We want to immortalize that feeling that overwhelmed us six years ago"
When a woman not a man wakes people up for Sohour
Leena ElDeeb | Each day of Ramadan Dalal Abdel Qader roams her neighborhood's streets, waking people up for Sohour
Souad Hosny’s sister discusses her new book on the actor’s mysterious death
Leena ElDeeb | "All I want is to bring the truth to the people, the truth of Souad Hosny’s murder.”
Nubian language, generational schism and state refusal
Leena ElDeeb | As the state fears that Nubian is a threat, it is up to civil society to maintain the language
One man’s currency design challenge raises questions about a sensitive topic
Leena ElDeeb | “Banknotes are the direct communication means between citizens in everyday life.”