Laura Cugusi
Empty archives: What do we do with what we do not know
Laura Cugusi | In the era of hypervisibility the invisible is acquiring a new relevance in the dynamics of power that
A new cinema from a new reality: Sitting in on Kurrasat
Laura Cugusi | Taher Chikhaoui suggests that a new reality is creating a shift in cinematic language that leaves more
Laila Soliman’s Whims of Freedom
Laura Cugusi | A dense colorful collage points out overlooked similarities between past and present.
Without formality: Mawred’s 10th birthday celebrates collaboration
Laura Cugusi | Ten years after its foundation, Al Mawred Al Thaqafy culture resource has been celebrating its anniversary
Border-crossing on the bride’s side
Laura Cugusi | On a film about a celebratory act of civil disobedience.
An alternative portrait of the city
Laura Cugusi | Maha Maamoun's show at Gypsum Gallery had much to do with the city of Cairo, with nature and poetry,
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